Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Little Pot of Sunshine

Hello my lovelies!

Have you all had a great day?

Not much excitement going on in Peapodland today really.  The usual mundanities at work drove me to distraction and as usual I made good my lunchtime escape!

First of all I popped to the supermarket in search of belly draft (!)  I know... you're beside yourselves with excitement aren't you at that rivetting snippet of information!    I had severe cravings after reading Froog's blog yesterday!  Mission accomplished I then decided to venture into the H igh Street to check out the Charrie shops. The charitable establishments in the cathedral city of Brierley Hill (cough) are plentiful - but never seem to yield much in the way of bargaintastic offerings.  Perhaps I'm just a fussy old bint!  Although I have to say that it's difficult to shop for stylish liddle vintage items of a clothing nature, dahhhling, when you have boobage the size of a small continent and hips of the equivalent circumference of the bow of the Queen Mary.  Sigh...... 

Anyway, moving on......

The British Heart Foundation shop, I have to say, is particularly pretty bloomin dire - I dunno why - it's Stourbridge branch is brilliant but this one just seems a little dark and dismal.  Sorry guys!!  Just an observation.  BUT!!!! Today.... there was shining beacon in the gloom!  Would you look at this little jockey?!!

Dunno what it is about it but it yelled at me to buy it and at just £2.00 I didn't argue!  It's so bright and cheery and spring like!  It very nearly met with an untimely demise when the assistant dropped it bottom first on the glass display counter top and I nearly had an attack of the vapours, but thank goodness it's made of sturdy stuff!!

I got it home this evening and immediately had to transfer my three bunches of daffies into it that I picked up yesterday for just £1!  Now how wonderously springy and yellow and zingy do they look?  A match made in heaven I think!

I'm thinking that some lovely bright tulips will look just as delish in there and shall try that combo in due course!

These are MY carrier bags. MINE.  You left them here. Ergo they are MINE!


BCDA (Barmy Cat of the Day Award) goes to Minnie who insisted on sitting in the middle of the pile of empty carrier bags I was sorting out on the kitchen table.

Now Go Away and stop bothering me!

Love Love Love!!
 K xx


  1. What a fabulous vase! I sometimes go charity shopping in Stourbridge and always find a few goodies.
    Minnie is gorgeous. My two love empty bags, too. xxx

  2. Aren't cats funny the way they do that? My Mums cat used to sit in the wash basin.

  3. Cats- My tortieshell likes to perch on the side of the bath dippingher tail in teh water talkng to you while you bathe - She is also very strange.

    very cheery spring vase! Bargaintastic!

  4. OMG that face! Talk about a look of complete disdain. We humans are merely tolerated indeed! LOL!
    Your new vase is great too!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone - I totally agree - cat merely tolerate us! Infernal creatures!! ;)