Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Beginnings?

Hello dahlings!!

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been technically challenged (I.e. a busted laptop) and visually impaired (I.e. no flippin’ camera!).

The first issue still prevails to a degree. My silly Dell laptop has problems with the power source. The battery no longer charges up for reasons best known to itself (the moody git!) so I have to use it with the lead constantly connected - but even this is fraught with difficulty! Even when connected, it switches itself off on a whim and makes for extremely frustrating MSN conversations and forum posts as you can imagine!

I usually compose my ponderings in a Word doc before posting but having lost soooo many of them I gave up even trying to post.  I miss my little blog though - so I’m going to do battle with “Evil Laptop”. I shall overcome I tell you!!

Regarding the photos - I may just have to make do with Google images for a little while but Lovely Man has promised me a new camera soon (how spoiled am I?) so hopefully I shall be back in business and be able to show you various Peapod goings on.

How rude of me. I haven’t wished you Happy New Year have I?! Well I have now!

A New Year always brings a time for reflection and even more pondering than is usual. I have refused to make resolutions as such this year. I prefer to call them “plans” rather than resolutions. You can be in control of a “plan“. A resolution is made to be broken! (That’s the anarchist in me!!!).

So…… the first Peapods Plan - is …..



Gawd - I can feel my shoulders drooping at the mere thought.

To make our home look less like this:-

… and to free up some much needed space, get rid of the clutter, and hopefully make it feel more like a home than a free for all jumble sale!

I looked around my little house today and felt a wave of despair. If that sounds overly dramatic then forgive me. It’s only a small three bed terraced house. We have the lounge and the kitchen downstairs and a downstairs loo which we don’t really use. That’s it. With two adults and two teens (and three cats!) space is really at a premium. My despair this afternoon arose from the realisation that every single room in the house is a mess. There is clutter EVERYWHERE. In each room there are things which do not belong there. Every surface is cluttered. The kitchen doorway is narrowed by coats hanging on the door, the kitchen table hasn’t been seen for days, there is laundry everywhere due to the weather being rubbish, so leaving even less space in an already cramped house. Before you all start imagining that we live in a hovel - I can assure you that we don’t! In the grand scheme of things I don’t suppose that it’s that bad really. It’s clean enough …. Just bloody infuriatingly, teeth itchingly, UNTIDY!!!

Thing is though… I can feel the clutter encroaching into my headspace! Does that make sense? I feel all fuzzy and unsettled. Unable to think straight and make any inroads into sorting it out. There is nowhere to put anything for a start so despite my best efforts I just seem to be moving things from one surface to another.

I feel a HUGE de-clutter approaching. I know that the only way to tackle this is by being completely ruthless and to get everyone on board with the project so that it’s not such a daunting prospect. I know that him indoors will help without question - the kids - well that’s highly doubtful!!

Has anyone got a skip going spare?!

Well! I hadn’t intended my first blog of 2011 to be quite such a moany one!! My apologies!!

Love, Light, Health and Happiness to you all

See you soon.

GASP!!! I nearly forgot!!! We have CHICKENS!!! More on that shortly! ;)

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