Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's ....Tuesday!

Imaginative blog title eh?!  Yup - I thought so!

I do hope all of my lovely readers, followers, lurkers and blogging buddies have had the most peaceful, restful and cosy of festive periods.

I relish the period of calm between Christmas and New Year. I know that some people find it flat and uneventful but I'm happy with that.   I'm lucky to say that I don't have to go back to work for another whole, blessed, scrumptious week.  Whilst I have much decluttering planned (for our bedroom in particular) for the latter part of the week, I'm using the next couple of days to simply hibernate. It's a time to recharge and regroup.  Both my body and my spirit crave some homely, snuggly down time and I'm going to enjoy it without one ounce of guilt.  So there!  I'm going to camp on the sofa tomorrow and read Jamie, Sophie, the Hairy Bikers and Nigel from cover to cover!

I was thoroughly spoilt at Christmas and the man has been banned from buying me ANYTHING for the next twelve months at least!  

My favourite gifts, however, were these:-

This charm bracelet holds lots of gorgeous little Wiccan charms.  It jangles delightfully so any operations of a stealthy nature are well and truly thwarted whilst wearing it!

I was absolutely delighted to receive this little lady  - particularly as she was the very witchy doll I had missed out on in THIS post!  Him indoors is a sneaky devil!!!

Harvey's present was to run riot through the discarded paper!

The Kissing Ball referred to in a previous post
 We had a foray into town this afternoon as I had to go to the opticians to order new specs.  We didn't really need anything else (apart from something technical to do with the kids' new televisions - which I helpfully left to him indoors!) and so our purchases today amounted to:-

Some marg reduced to 49p for 500g in the Co-op - perfect for our baking.

and some fresh cranberries - two packs for a quid - not quite sure what we'll do with those but we'll freeze them down initially and look for nice recipes in which to use them.  Any ideas peeps?

Last of the big spenders we are!! 

Did you find anything of worth in the sales?

See you soon!


  1. Sounds good to me! I did smile at Harvey, our 2 dogs are just like that, especially Ellie who will "help" to unwrap the presents if allowed!

    The between time is never flat for us as our wedding anniversary falls in between. That means a bottle of bubbly, a special meal and more presents hee hee

    Have a lovely snuggle and enjoy your home time xx

  2. Hello again sweetie, here's message from Cro-

    Kath. I've just noticed that you've managed to post a comment on Kim's blog (PP). I have been unable to do so for some time, and I've noticed that she has very few comments these days (probably for same reason). Could you mention to her that something ain't right! Thanks.

  3. you could make cranberry vodka- for next yule/ xmas!! it would be gorgeous if you managed to leave it alone til then!

    Hope the tooth/ abcess is better now, toothache sucks,

    Leanne x

  4. Kath - thanks for your message - I'll have to have a look into what's going on. I did wonder about comments as they seem few and far between right now - I thought it was more to do with my rubbish blogging tho!! lol

    Leanne - yum!! Never thought of that! Thanks for that lovely idea :)

  5. Lovely blog! I make a Cranberry slice from an old Sainsbury's cook book (biscuits and bakes by Rosemary Wadey) which uses about half one of those packs (frozen are fine though)

    4oz butter/marg, 4oz soft brown sugar (creamed together)2 eggs, 5oz SR flour, ginger mixed spice cinnamon (about 2 tsp altogether) 2 oz mixed peel, 4oz chopped (or not) cranberries. push rather stiff mix into a shallow tin and sprinkle with demerara. bake at 180C/350F/Gas 4 35mins cool and cut in finger slices or squares

  6. All lovely and homey - couldn't imagine what a kissing ball looked like, but now I know - beautiful! Like your pressies, too.