Sunday, 3 April 2011

Of Happy Days

A very, very Happy Mommy's Day to all of you Yummy Mummies out there in blogland.  I hope you've all been been spoilt rotten, and if not, I hope you've at least had a little 'me' time to yourselves to relaxez vous!

I actually feel like that ^^^ polar bear right now - ready to flop!

It's been a productive day though.  Lovely Man and I trotted down to the allotment around mid day.  My Mum and Dad have three large plots down there and my Brother has one.  All of it is divided up into raised beds and we're taking over a couple of them this year.  I'm so excited!!  With both of us working full time and Lovely Man working permanent nights, it's just too much of a commitment to take on a full sized plot, but with these two beds, and the big raised bed we have at home, we should be able to achieve quite a bit of home grown produce this year.  We've turned the soil over and weeded it so it's now ready for planting.  Shame we couldn't get the potatoes in just yet but I'm sure one more week won't make much difference.  If I'm feeling up to it I may pop down after work at some point this week and plant them.

I forgot to take the camera today (bad blogger!) so I wasn't able to begin charting our progress, but here's a pic of my parent's allotment sites taken in late August/early September last year when everything was green and lovely!! If you have a look at the top right of the picture - see that shed roof?  Well that's where our plots are!!  You'll have to use your imagination I'm afraid!

I bought home a bag full of rhubarb this afternoon,  Lovely freebie food!!  I quickly stewed some with a little water and brown sugar with a little honey, then drained and added some mixed spice.   I made a usual crumble mix but then added a few spoons of muesli and also some porridge oats, stirred it all together et voila (what's going on with all the Frenchisms today?!!) oaty rhubarb crisp!  It tasted fabulous with some ice cream for pud after our roast pork dinner and went down a storm! 

Look what I saw from the kitchen window late this afternoon...

Rubbish pic but you can faintly see the rainbow there against the angry looking sky.

Well who said Sundays were days of rest eh?  I'm shattered!!  Totally loving the fact that we squeezed Sunday until it's pips popped.  But rather annoyed that the weekend is over already. Two whole precious days. GONE!  TWO of them!   I demand a recount!

See you soon you blogging beauties! 


  1. Sounds like you have been a busy bunny today, you lovely Mommy you! I reckon you have earnt a lay down and chill out....enjoy it! Fabby rainbow too, don;t see enough of them do we?..xxxxx

  2. How nice, having space to grow things. And there's nothing better than freeby food: the crumble sounds yum!

  3. I always make oaty crumble, so much nice than the traditional crumble. I've never tried rhubarb though!

  4. Go with it (frenchisms) cheri! I do not want to be the only one who suddenly speaks in accents in the kitchen!
    You were quite busy indeed, but it sounds like you had a great time and the crumble sounds delish!
    Nice rainbow too to cap off the day!