Friday, 29 April 2011

Day Seven - Favourite Films

I'm afraid I'm not much of a film buff really.  I tend to avoid 'must see movies' like the plague - it's the anarchist in me!! If someone tells me I must do something then I walk in the opposite direction!!!  

However, I'm also a hopeless romantic and nothing pleases me more than a trashy rom-com.  Nothing cerebral and arty for me thanks very much,.  I don't need a film to make me 'think'. I don't want to read subtitles.  I just want something that I can tune in to and be completely absorbed by and doesn't challenge chocolate consumption.

A massive annoyance for me is when I've read a book and they make it into a film.  GAH!!!  I think because I've always had a pretty vivid imagination I always put my own spin on who the characters would be played by so if the actors/actresses do not resemble my take on how the character would be represented I totally lose interest!  It also annoys me intensely if they miss out huge chunks of the plot or if a particular scene in a chapter integral to the outcome of the story is overlooked.   Mutter Mutter Grumble!!!

ANYway... Grumpy Old Bag's ponderings aside, my favest fave films in the whole world have to be, in no particular order:-

Notting Hill.  Sigh.  Hugh Grant at his bumbling Englishman cutest.  The scene where Spike is wearing his wetsuit and goggles and William looks at him in bemusement and says "incidentally, why....... are you wearing that?" makes me howl with laughter every time!!

Bridget Jones (Parte Ye the Firste(!) )     Two words.  Colin Firth.

Bestest scene ever.... right at the end where she says 'hang on, nice boys don't kiss like that' and he postively GROWLS 'yes they do'.  SWOOOOOOOOOON.  With a big capital S and loads of OOOOOOs!!!

Rah!  I think is the word I'm looking for here!!!Mark et Bridget

And......... Love, Actually.   Ah where do I start?  Andrew Lincoln?  Colin Firth?  Liam Neeson?  So much eye candy in one film.  Enough to make an old woman very happy indeed!!  The whole 'Christmassy feel good vibe'?  The scene where Andrew Lincoln's character is trying to pluck up the courage to tell the object of his affections (his best friend's new wife played by Keira Poutly) that he loves her?  Or the scene where he's telling her how he feels in flash cards... then walking away from her saying to himself.... "enough.   Enough now..."   Or the absolutely tangible grief when Emma Thompson's character realises that the jewellery she thought her husband had bought for her for Christmas wasn't actually for her at all.  Love Actually - © 2003 Universal

I haven't watched these films much at all.   Not ever.  Cough.

And something completely random is Twilight.   I was so prepared to hate this film.  The whole teen-hype thing?  YAK!  But ... my daughter (who LUBS Rob Pattinson incidentally) got me to watch it.  Well.  I was a tad concerned to find out just how attractive he is!  BUT... my heart was stolen by baaaad vamp James.... I think the word I'm looking for here is Phwoar!     Check out the baseball scene on Youtube.  Rah! (again).
I'm going for a lie down now.

Tarah a bit!!!


  1. I love Colin Firth and although the movie was just ehh, I loved him in What A Girl Wants. Thanks for the heads up on the last kiss scene-I checked it out on youtube and loved it. For some reason, I can never "stick with" Bridget movie(s).
    I am the same way you are, I won't do what everyone else is doing or seeing and I hate the Harry Potter movies (except the first one). Talk about really blanking up a great book(s)!

    Hope you had a nice lie down!

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