Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blog Challenge Day Two - The Meaning of Your Blog Name

Peapod Ponderings came about, quite simply, because Peapods is the name of my house, and because I love alliteration, Ponderings just seemed to gel! 

The name 'Peapods' was inspired by a book I read years ago.  Just a bit of chick-lit fluff really, but the name of one of the houses stuck with me.  Our house is a teeny tiny, two down, three up (if you can call the L-shaped cupboard which serves as my son's bedroom a room) Council house  It's really not big enough for a family but we get by, bursting at the seams and about to pop - like a peapod.  But we 'peas' are comfy and happy here.

On the peapod theme - I have to show you this.  I adore candles so to find one made especially for me (!!!) is wonderful!!  Lookit!!!   

I found it  here - and how hilarious that you can actually buy the 'pea' candle refills for it too!! 
petit pois candle refill
Ridiculously expensive but such fun!!  I've hidden my debit card from myself just in case I'm tempted!  Like Mae West, I can resist anything but temptation!!  ;)


  1. Makes sense to me! Over here in the South, peapie, a southern derivative of peapod, is a term of endearment you would call a child or pet. I know you got it from the book, but I do love how you compare the full house to a ripe peapod.
    Love that candle!
    Would you mind a suggestion on how to make it last longer? I really try hard not to give unsolicited advice, so I will ask first.
    I think this is my favorite of the challenges and I am glad to know the meaning behind your blog name!

  2. Well now - I know the basic trick is to wrap the wax in a cloth and put it in the fridge for a while. I was a Partylite consultant for about 7 years so my house is full of the stuff!! Still tempted by these tho!! Tell me your tip? A girl likes to know how to make things last longer eh?! hehehe. xx

  3. You know, that freezer thing never worked for me, along with freezing pantyhose to keep them from running-that never worked too.

    No, my idea was cheesier. If it were mine, and the individual pea candles are large enough, I would burn them until I could shove one of those tea light candles in it. Then I could just keep replacing tea lights instead having to replace the "pea." (I realize they may not be big enough, but hey, I thought I'd throw it out there anyway!)

  4. What a great name for your home! Love the candles, though at that price I'd rather be kept in the dark...

  5. But Oscar Wilde said the only way to deal with temptation is to yield to it :-D
    How interesting how you named you house, mine isnt very imaginative, it was the name of our last cottage, which was by a railway and now this one, which is on the side of a hill.