Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday 29th - Bonus Post! Aren't you lucky?!!!

Hello again.    A very happy Royal Wedding/  Bank Holiday evening to you.  I was adamant that I wasn't going to be too absorbed by the whole shebang but I've been drawn in - and actually really enjoyed witnessing another part of Brit history. 

It didn't help matters that I've developed a throat infection over the last couple of days and my joints are so painful I can hardly move (dunno what that connection is!!) so I spent the morning groaning on the sofa!  As today is the first day of ten days' hols then I wasn't best pleased to kick it off in such a crap way,  but all the same, grateful for the fact that I could just hibernate here at home watching all the pomp and ceremony on the telly.

My favourite parts of the day were when William mouthed 'you look beautiful' to his bride.  A bit of an ahhhh moment for the nation I feel.  And the second was the use of all the natural greenery in the Abbey - I have to say that that appealed to me very much.  And... of course.. the newly weds driving back home in Daddy's vintage Aston, complete with tacky ballons and a Just Wed sign!!  How completely NORMAL it was!!!  I for one really like Kate and think she and Wills will be good ambassadors for us Brits.

Enough of that now then - although I enjoyed what I watched I'm not relishing the prospect of having to live, eat and breathe the same footage on every channel and in every newspaper now for weeks!! 

I've got back on the diet trail this last couple of days.  I've committed myself to three months of online subscription with Slimming World.  I've done well on this plan before and know it works but to be brutally honest I can't be doing with the class mentality.  I know what to do and I have digital scales at home so I have no compunction to rejoin a weekly class.   I guess I could have done it without the outlay as I know the plan well enough but there's a method in my madness.  If I've paid out then I HAVE to stay on track.  I have willpower issues.  I'm not lazy. I'm not in denial.  I know how big my problem is.  But I have to deal with it in my own way.  I weighed myself on Wednesday (argghhh!!!!) and my first 'weigh in' will be next Wednesday.  I've got off to a decent enough start so we shall see how things go.  I must, however, STOP baking so many bloody cakes!!!  I kid myself that they're for the family but I seem to be hoovering them up just as quickly as the kids do! 

When I met my partner last year I had recently lost 3 stones and was feeling pretty good.  He moved in in November and we're really happy.  He's a brilliant cook and as he works nights then he has his main meal with me when I get home from work.   He cooks for us all every evening which is fantastic cos I don't have to think about it...but.... he plates up my meals to match his - which are HEWOOOGE!!  And of course they're so delish that I find myself clearing my plate! The weight is creeping back on and I can ill afford to gain any more.   I simply do not need as much food as a manual worker and I've had to take matters into my own hands and gently tell him that I'm going to have to plan my meals from here on in.  He will of course support me so ... watch this space!! 

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the weight loss. I really need to get back on the weight loss wagon x

  2. good luck Kim, bit remember, people love you just the way you are too. xxx

  3. Yay-you are on holiday!
    Ditto what Poohtle said!