Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bad BAD Blogger

Oh my poor little neglected blog, sitting on the shelf getting all careworn and dusty.  How I've missed you whilst I've been up to me ear'oles in Ferrero bliddy Rochers and Lindor choccies!    Never mind - I have returned - armed with a feather duster (a special sparkly one in keeping with the season) to dust off your corners and a tray of mince pies by way of a peace offering.

Whilst it is of course a good thing that my little business has had some interest on the lead up to Christmas, it's verrrry hard to fit much else in to my evenings when I work full time as this is the only time I can create the bouquets - which take up to around 3 hours each.  The kitchen table has been bowed down with my card making crafty stuff for the last three weeks yet I haven't had a chance to make a single one!  

Ah well - needs must when the devil holds yer purse strings eh folks?

We're off out for a family meal shortly at a local hostelry but I shall be back tomorrow with a few festive fripperies to share with you.

Have a wonderful X-Factor free Saturday evening!! ;)


  1. Xfactor free indeed! :))

    Enjoy your meal, looking forward to the festive fripperies, lol.

  2. Thats the funniest thing, this morning I was just wondering where you'd got to :-)
    Is it me because I have a large light coloured panel that follows me as I scroll down your page? either that or too much mulled wine LOL

  3. Bizarre as it may sound, I'm also off for a festive lunch today..AT MY LOCAL SUPERMARKET!!! I too shall report tomorrow. Bon appétit.

  4. Kath's right. You now have a big light coloured panel mid-page.

  5. Hello lovelies! Hmmmm must be something to do with the background html malarkey. Will investigate!! Enjoy your lunch, Cro! Kath - is there such a thing as too much mulled wine? Lol xxx