Friday, 23 December 2011

Solstice Blues and Winter Greens

Hello Bloglies

It's Christmas Eve Eve!!  

Unfortunately I've spent the last couple of days in the worst pain I've ever experienced having had both an infection in my mouth and an abscess.  It felt like someone was stabbing a red hot skewer down my ear.  Although it's still throbbing then it's nowhere near as violent a pain as it was so the anti-biotics must be starting to kick in.  What a way to spend Winter Solstice - I was hardly in celebrating mood I can tell you.

However, in an attempt to take my mind off the pain, the Hooligan and I went for a yomp over the fields in THE most glorious sunshine and beneath crystal clear blue skies.  It was a truly beautiful day.   My posh new (early and very unexpected Christmas present) walking boots have been well and truly christened as the tracks are currently extremely muddy and in some places it was like walking through a particularly glutinous porridge!  Yuk!  My boots did me proud though and my feet remained dry and toasty.  I now have absolutely no excuse not to get out there in any weather! 

Whilst out there I gathered some greenery from the hedgerows in my foraging bag.  I already had a feed sack half full with holly which Charl had appropriated for me earlier this week and so, when I got back from my yomp, I was ready to create my kissing ball to hang outside the front door. 

I haven't attempted one of these previously, and as I'm not the most talented of people where anything remotely creative is concerned, I hadn't a clue where to begin!   I scoured the t'interweb for ideas and after watching a couple of You Tube tutorials I gave it a go.

Whilst the florists amongst you will probably be shuddering in horror, I'm actually quite pleased with my efforts.  A few hydrangea heads from the front garden were added as last minute fillers and a spritz of silver paint has given it a 'frosty' look.  It took sooooo much stuff to fill the ball of oasis though and it's surprisingly heavy.  In the gloom of the late afternoon, I had to nip out into the garden and the field again to pick more ivy sprigs, and leylandii fronds.

I've been trying to take a decent pic all day - but by contrast today's weather has been howling winds and lashing rain and the kissing ball is looking rather like it's been snogged to death.   "Rustic" I think we'll call it.  Yes.  Truly "Rustic".

Enjoy your evenings!!!


  1. Poor you, hope you'll be better soon.
    Have a Cool Yule, hope 2012 brings all good things x