Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!! (photo heavy!)

Shall we take a look at the Christmas tree then?

Looks fairly innocuous doesn't it?

Shall we take a closer look to see what's nestling in it's black tinsely branches?  Oh go on then!!


Jack Skellington!  Sally's in there too somewhere!

Well - you know how rock'n'roll we are right?!

SID!!  You're such a diva!!

Aww hello Witchy lady - don't be sad - it's nearly Christmas!!

Yummy red and black beaded hearts, silver sprayed cones and sparkly snowflakes

My favourite little acorn - this was from Liberty's don't cha know!

As was this black heart.  Probably the only things in the whole shop I could afford but hey - I think I made a good choice!

And beneath the tree live the snowman family.....aww they's very cute!  Assorted woolly cuddlies.  I have a bit of a thing about snowmen! 

And my adorable ickle penguin which hopped in to my basket when I wasn't looking whilst I was doing very important business shopping at the floristry warehouse.  Tsk. 

How cute?!

I love green cloaked Santas.  And the little tin one was a prezzie from a dear friend some years ago. 

Do you change your Yuletide colour theme year upon year?  Or do you tend to stick with the same colours and treasured ornaments? 

Enquiring minds wanna know!!


  1. Loads of gorgeousness there, Kim :)

    Cmas decs tend to be the same with variations on amount while Yule decs change but for a few.

  2. So I take it that you ARE doing Christmas this year, Kim?

  3. Your colours are super! We don't have a scheme (it's what the shops call 'jewel tones'...erm...random colours) hahahaha!