Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! Pull up a chair (no, not that one - the spring's gone!), there now... cuppa? choccie hobnob?? Comfortable? Good!! Glad you dropped by.

Peapods is the name of my house! So called because it's sooo small... we're very close to popping out of it! Still -it's cosy, compact and bijoux I guess!

So - what projects do you have on the go at the moment then? If you're like me then you're really good at beginning things............. and then get very easily distracted!! I'm convinced that I have a form of ADD!! That's Attention Deficit Di.... Ooh look!! A Fly!!!! hahaha.
I'll be ok - very industrious and focused on the piece I'm currently undertaking - until I see something else I want to try and find myself thinking... well.... I can come back to this project can't I?! i'll just "try" this new one just to see if I can do it!!

Hence why I still have cross stitch pieces which have about 100 stitches on them....... dating back 20 years or so!! The Princess of Procrastination. That's me!!

I've recently discovered crochet. Well... not 'discovered' it in the literal sense - just.. warmed to it!!

My dear old Nan tried SO many times to teach me to crochet to no avail. Then just a few weeks ago, inspired by the gorgeous items I'd seen on various blogs, I begged my Mum to try to teach me! Well... we sat in the shed on her allotment, and laughed til we cried at my efforts which only seemed to result in a lot of bad language and a pink woolly cobweb. I really did think there was no hope for me in the world of crochet.


But... I persevered.... and with the amazingly simple tutorials over at the wool began to do what I wanted it too and lo and behold ... A GRANNY SQUARE was produced!! YAY!!! GO ME!!!!

And from that one little square.............grew these!!

Whoop Whoop!!

I know... It's very sad isn't it to get excited over a bit of knotted wool... but it's taken me 42 bloomin years to get this far!!! Let me have my 5 minutes of glory!!

This is a work in progress which will miraculously sew themselves into a throw for my friend's Xmas prezzie.

Well... they might.... unless of course another distraction comes along in the meantime.


I'm just trying it out ok?........ y'know..... just to see if I can do it like..... I can always finish the other project another time can't I? Hmmm?
Ooh I can see the knowingly raised eyebrows from here!!!
See you soon!!!


  1. Hi Kim :-)

    Hope you are checking for comments occasionally!

    Found you via your comment on Leanne's blog and glad I dropped in! Will subscribe to your RSS and be on the lookout for updates now that you're re-starting the blog.

  2. Oh wow! A comment!! Thank you so much - I'm so ashamed that I started and stopped after one post!! lol I'm just typing up another addition!! Thanks for dropping by ;)

  3. lol

    And here's another! Are you still typing? :-D

    No worries, I've subscribed via RSS and we'll get your next post whenever it pops up.