Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Well hello!!
If you've dropped in to my blog by accident then a very warm welcome to you!  I've secured all of the exits so that you can't escape - well I have to have someone to listen to my whitterings don't I?!  Otherwise I shall be a very lonely blogger!!

I began this blog quite a while ago with all good intentions, unfortunately life got in the way as soon as I'd set it up and it quickly became neglected.
So I think I've now beaten 'life' into submission, I've rescued my little blog from it's high, dusty shelf, removed the cobwebs, given it a lick of paint - and apart from the flippin' title not sitting correctly on the prettyful title bar which I can't work out how to sort yet - Peapod Ponderings is ready to face the world once again!
The door is flung open to welcome all visitors (mind the wet paint now!!) - just in time for my favourite season too!! Autumn!
Yum!! I feel that it's only fair to warn you that there is very likely to be mucho sighing and swooning from the Peapods camp once Mother Nature opens her paintbox and begins to apply her brushstrokes to the trees!
Well now.

I had a wondrous day yesterday.  I met Mommy Pod in town and we spend a lovely few hours browsing charity shops and looking for bargains.  I did quite well really.

I espied these beautiful little green glass sundae dishes hiding up on a shelf - as there were only five of them I'm guessing that the original set comprised half a dozen, but for £1.75 for all five of the little treasures then I couldn't leave them there could I?  Anyway - being "one sundae dish short of a set" seems quite fitting to the Peapod ethos - so home with me they came!

Wilkinsons still have some sale items dotted around the store and I was happy to find this lovely lantern for £3.00.  It's quite a large one and will be perfect for the garden now that the evenings are drawing in a little.  I do love having candle lanterns in the garden.
Oo!! And I got some bath mats - noodly (is that a word?) chenille ones for just £3.00 each too.  I'm not going to put them in the bathroom tho.  Oooh no.  I'm going to be all anarchic and use them as bedside rugs.  Something to wriggle our toes in upon awaking from one's slumbers. 
I also bought a new duvet cover - Oh dear.... I just cannot resist bed linen.  I never spend silly amounts on one set - I probably never spend more than £15.00 on a king size.   I did think that  this was a bit scrummy so I treated myself to it as a payday treat.
What made you smile yesterday?
Here are mine, in no particular order:-
  • My early morning phone call from my lovely man when he got in from his night shift.  We speak on the phone about 6 times each day (yes I KNOW that might seem excessive but our relationship is only four months old!!! lol) but that first early morning one is always special for some reason.

  • Buying breakfast (2 coffees, 2 bacon rolls) for Mum and I in Wetherspoons and paying the princely sum of just £3.00!!!

  • My daughter's GCSE results which she was sooo worried and stressed about.  Thankfully she got the grades she needed to get into college next month so she's a happy girl and so is her (slightly relieved) Mum!
  • Hearing the song "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira blasting out as a ring tone in the PDSA shop and looking up to see a woman of at least 75 years old sheepishly fishing a very smart looking mobile phone out from her shopping trolley!
I think I've whittered enough for one post don't you?!! 
In the words of Arnie... "I'll be back"
Have a wonderful day x


  1. Oo, lovely to see Peapods being harvested again. :D I have bathmats as bedside mats. Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I have one bathmat as a bedside mat for the dog to sleep on when he's fed up of sleeping on his soft, downy bed. As for what made ME smile today - reading your blog. :) <---- me, smiling.

  2. Yeeaayy! lol

    Love the lantern, I seem to be developing a 'thing' for lanterns lately =) And big congrats to your daughter. Stressful time, sorted!

    Look forward to more posts.

  3. Hi there, I, too was over at Marmaladerose looking at her lovley bunting and saw your comment....I Too commented for the first time and seeing you ,i thought i,d drop buy and say hello....your blog is off to a good start...cheers Tracy

  4. Hi ladies!! Thanks so much for your comments.

    Hope to see you here again soon xx