Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hello Again

Hey hey people!

Well once again that short interlude of non-posting was once again due to a technical hitch! However, normal (cough) service is resumed as some wonderfully clever person at a different computer repair shop to the one I previously used simply replaced my power cable (well - that of the laptop and not mine personally you understand) and now said laptop is behaving perfectly.

Enough with the boring tales of technophobia already!

I’m always looking for blogging inspiration. I follow some fantastic blogs whose number are growing at an alarming rate! I could spend hours reading blogs (and probably do - if I wasn’t so much in denial about how much time I spend online to admit to it!). There are some wonderfully inspirational, intriguing and hilarious people out there and I love having a little insight into their daily life. I’m more of a ‘lurker’ than someone who comments frequently, but I do visit my favourite ones each day. I’d rather read blogs than watch tv If I’m honest.

I’m really trying to get myself in to the habit of blogging more regularly. I always have good intentions but then sit looking at a blank screen for ages waiting for inspiration to strike. When that doesn’t happen I give up and go read some more!! I often think my days are far too boring for anyone to want to sit and read about! I’m normally asleep at my desk by ten past nine in the morning - I can’t believe anyone would want to hear about that!!

At the moment here at Peapods we’re decorating the bathroom. Well I say we…. In truth it’s more HE than We really - but I feel that I’m providing much needed assistance by providing coffee at regular intervals, making encouraging ‘Oooooh!!! It’s gonna look FAB’ noises, and, only this afternoon ….. Wait for it…. Pasted three whole lengths of wallpaper. THREE I tell you. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! Said bathroom is being given a rather radical makeover. It’s being turned from aquamarine with an extremely dated and naff starfishy border - to stark black and white with some amazingly mad wallpaper on a feature wall! I shall share it with you once we’re a little closer to completion but at present I’m really pleased with the way it’s looking. It’s taken a little longer than anticipated as these jobs usually do. I was confident that we’d get it done in a weekend. PAH!! What do I know of such things! Man decided that the door would look great if we stripped it back to the bare wood - little did he know that there were layers of paint on that door which pre-dated the Viking Invasion so it took scary things like a heat gun, reams of sandpaper, much brute force and elbow grease and, when all else failed - a sound thrashing with a can of nitro-morse to get rid of it all. A brilliant job has been done though and again I’m really pleased with the result. Next we have to paint the wall tiles, lay new lino type tiles on the floor, take off the old naff yukky skirting board and put beautiful pristine posh new skirting board on, put up the new fixtures like the loo roll holder and towel rail … and buy another roll of flippin’ wallpaper cos the pattern ran out and left us up wotsit creek!! GAH!!

It will be worth it.  It will.   I’m sure of it!!!

In other news.... the chooks have settled in really well.  These pictures were taken during the week they moved in.  They looked a little shell shocked (groan).  They were in moult and a little distressed by their journey from Wales to the Black Country by car, so they're looking a little spiky around the edges.  Mucho good food and pampering though and they're in fine fettle now, plump, and shiny, friendly and burbling away as soon as they see/hear us approaching.  We know this is only cupboard love however - they're just looking for the grub bowl!! I'll take some decent pics of them soon so you can see how happy they look. 

It's been such a miserable day weather wise today and it's wet, dreary and yuksome outside now.  I've lit the candles to inject a little cosiness into the evening and don't intend on going anywhere.  It's the sofa and my crochet for me.  I love these candle holders.  I bough them from Asda just before Christmas.  The large ones were £4 each - but if you bought two it was just £5.00 for both!  The smaller ones were £3.00 each.  They cast a lovely warm glow!  Looks like Charlie-cat has decided that the best place to be is snuggled up indoors too!

Well I'm off to press the very last drops out of my rock and roll weekend(!)

See you soon!!!


  1. Hi Kim! How fab to meet you. We're nearly neighbours by the sound of it. I hope you're going to post some pictures of the bathroom when you're done, I do love a good old nosey! Thanks for your lovely comments. Blogging rocks and the odd arse isn't going to spoil it. xxx

  2. Hi Vix - thanks so much for your comment. Yep I'm from Stourbridge - although Blogger tells me I'm from Kidderminster - the Blogger Sat Nav needs a re-wire! I shall indeed post some bathroom pics - I have to share the wallpaper if nothing else!! lol xx