Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Of Lustful Thoughts......

In an effort to provide myself with some blog-fodder, I had an idea today to be inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
According to Wikipedia, , the Seven Deadly Sins “is a classification of objectionable vices”. Well I don’t mind a bit of vice now and again - I’m very open minded, me! In keeping with good old Valentines Day just yesterday - I thought we’d do LUST first!

Lust. Mmmm…. I lust after sooooo many things it’s obscene. My Man, Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Colin Firth, Handbags, the entire contents of the Cath Kidston catalogue, a tidy house (!)…. Although - if I had a pie chart representing the lustful portion of my brain, I estimate that 80% of that pie chart of lustfulness would be given over to s….. ss…(*grips laptop and grits teeth*)… ssshhh……………..


Mmmmm Shoes…. (insert Homer Simpson voice here and the rubbing of thighs in a Vic Reeves stylee!!)

Life is simply too short to have boring sex or sensible shoes. I can’t remember whether I’ve read that quote somewhere or I made it up. But it’s true!!

I Love em! The funkier the better!! The more straps and buckles the better. And my, MY are there some funky ones around just now!

Look at these babies:- I had to be prised away from licking the window  swooning pitifully outside of ‘Schuh’ in Merry Hill when I spotted these on display. I do embarrass myself sometimes.

Suitable attire for tea with the Mad Hatter and Alice, I feel

And these for tea with the Vicar!!
For other shoes of a beauteous nature step right this way

And these by Iron Fist!!! Dear Lord.    My rock chick roots may be grey now but they're still there!!
Actually no.  I'm wearing THESE for tea with the Vicar!  mwahahaha!!!

Ah how I’d love to own a pair of them!! I couldn’t bring myself to wear them mind….they might get dirty!! I’d be happy to put them on a shelf and stroke them occasionally!!

Unfortunately I’m really not built for heels of stilt walking proportions but it doesn’t stop me admiring them from afar…. And lusting quietly! And sometimes not so quietly. My Mr B raises a quizzical eyebrow in my direction if I’m making ‘When Harry Met Sally’ noises with the laptop perched on my knee and merely asks “pretty shoes darling?”. Hee hee…. He knows me so well!

It’s a bit of a hobby of mine to find the most wondrous of shoes for the smallest price tag - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Here are a few of my successes……..

 £1.50 from the Tenovus Cancer Charity shop. Viva La Diva. Tags still on when I purchased them. Ever so slightly stilt-like tendencies, but surprisingly comfortable thanks to the little platform sole and don’t make me walk like a vertiginous duck.

£8.00 from Matalan last year ….. Mental colour but oh so fab!! How could I have left them on the shelf?

£7.00 - again from Matalan just a couple of weeks ago and perfect for a girlie night out. I wasn’t looking - but somehow they found me…. 

I think I’ve found my ultimate pair of lusted after shoes now though. When I win the lottery I’m gonna get this pair, walk into my boss’s office, casually rest my feet up on his desk and let my shoes do the talking.....

HAH!!!!!  Check out this site .... Major Shoe Porn I must warn you!!!

What’s on YOUR Lust List?

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  1. You've got me all of a quiver! Firstly with the mention of Howard at this time of a wednesday morning and then shown me those delectable shoes. The bottom pair make my heart sing.
    Life is far too short of sensible shoes, bad sex, woollens, fleeces, American tights and anything else that fails to make us feel fabulous. xxx