Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Monday...

"it was all I hoped it would be"

(from "Monday Monday" - John Phillips)

Actually that's a blatant lie.  It wasn't all I hoped it would be at all.  Howard Donald did not turn up to do my housework wearing nobut a pinny and a big pair of combat boots. This is what I had planned when I booked my day off.   It didn't happen.  Mondays are officially crap.

Three... Two... One.... and she's back in the room!!

*feels head*  Oooh I was a little overcome then!  Can't think why. ;)

Actually my Monday wasn't too bad at all.

Day of official annual leave from the 'dark and gloomy place' whereupon they are not allowed to phone me at home at stupid o'clock and ask me why I am not at my desk.    Check.

 Darlin' man finishing work early this morning and bringing me coffee and cuddles in bed.  Check.

 Both adorable (!) children up, dressed and downstairs before I had to chuck a bomb in their rooms  gently but firmly persuade them to awaken from their slumbers. Check.

 Sunshine. Check.  (n.b. Sun's temp gauge obvs. on the fritz today.  Could have been a tad warmer. Not complaining.  Just saying like.)

Two loads of washing blowing on the line in a blustery fashion.  Me, watching from the kitchen window in a smug housewifey fashion.  Check. (I do love to see washing hanging out on the line.  I'm a simple soul, me).

Home-made Lemon Drizzle Cake  - *makes Gordon Ramsay butch and meaningful hand gesture* - Done.  (chortle).

Lots of lazing around nosing into other people's lives reading lots of wonderous and inspirational blogs.  Finding new ones to add to my ever growing collection - Check.

Developing major psychological trauma due to comparing perfect homes/gardens/children/figures/handicrafts/
talents/frugality/green-ness/worthiness to mine. - Massive Check.  Apart from the children.  Cos my kids will always be far more beautiful/witty/talented than anyone elses!! tee hee.

It's all too much.  And if I hide she can't shout at me when
those ridiculous polar bears fall off their plinth.
She needs to remove those bloody snowflake stickers an' all!
Obligatory Barmy Cat. Check.

Developing feelings of a subdued nature similar to those experienced round about now of a Sunday evening due to realisation that I will be unable to play housewife tomorrow and have to return to said dark and gloomy place.  Check.

Stamping feet, throwing self on floor and beating fists on laminate flooring in a tantrum of monstrous proportions as feelings of subdued nature descend into abject despair.  Check.

Promising self choklit to get self through the evening and possibly some more tomorrow by way of enticement/reward.  Check.

Reminding self that in a momentary but highly stupid lapse of concentration pledged with colleagues that we would all give up choklit for Lent.  This made more majorly stupid by the fact that I am of Pagan leanings and don''t ruddy well DO Lent!!

So - a day of two halves then really!! 

Sorry about that - I should have warned you all about my rather questionable sense of humour!

In other news:-

New bathroom tadahhhhh!

Before I show you, there's a story behind the wallpaper.  My other half and I have a bit of a thing about zebra stripes!  Before he moved in, we found a website advertising teeshirts in Black Country dialect.  We, childish as ever, thought the Black Country alphabet definition of the letter Z ( this ) was hilarious.  Anything of a 'stripey 'oss' nature has henceforth found it's way into our home!  Throws, bed linen, pictures, mugs, a shopping bag so far!  So when we found the wallpaper there was no need for any further discussion regarding the redecoration of the bathroom!

So this is it:

Old mirror decoupaged with some spare wallpaper.

Old original door -  three zillion layers of toxic paint nitromorsed, heat gunned, sandpapered
wood dyed and varnished into oblivion.

New cheap as chips floor tiles and black bath mat with sparkly bits!
Windowsill covered in same paper. Mad flowers from Wilkinson!!
The new paper.  And me. Posing.  There's no excuse for this kind of behaviour really.
And no, I'm not sitting on the loo.  That's a towel rail!

I'm off to stroke some choklit now.  There is nothing in the rules to say that I cannot stroke it! 


  1. Please send lemon drizzle cake as soon as possible to Hillside cottage, Glastonbury, Somerset, I am drooling over the keyboard and it's not a pretty sight....

  2. Your little cat melts my heart. What a gorgeous photo :o)

  3. Your cat is so cute and so are you, Mrs! Howard Donald soesn't know what he's missing! xxx

  4. Oh I just fell in love with your photo of kitty! Photo of you is FAB!! Love your hair!!! Excellent for front woman in the band Anarchy Cupcakes--I can see it now!
    Were you a Little Britain fan?
    Lemon Drizzle cake, Lemon Drizzle cake, have you any nuts?
    The Lemon Drizzle cake contains no nuts.
    Thank you thank you for the huge LOL!

  5. Yuuum, Lemon Drizzle is my favourite. Love the zebra print x

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and thanks for visiting my blog :)