Friday, 4 March 2011

Random Acts of Chicken-ness

Hello again blogging friends. OOH! 9 followers!! How exciting! Welcome indeed to my little bloggy space.**waves madly** I hope you'll visit often... There are times when I can be quite lucid you know!

Brrrr! With a capital B and lots of RRRRs!! March has swept in on a blast of arctic air looking like it means business!! We're being blessed with some beautiful weak sunshine but my goodness it's freeeezing!! It's a lazy old wind too! Too lazy to blow around you so cuts right through you instead!

Anyway – enough of my weather observations. I'm thinking that you all KNOW that it's cold enough eh?!

Chicken-Pods (or should that be Chick-Peas?) News first of all. Well – we think that all three of our hens are now in lay. All of their combs have turned bright red, they're looking all plump and fluffy and pleased with themselves and they're doing a daft little squatting dance in front of our feet each time we visit the pen... which in our case is often cos we're in love with the little darlings!! They were making SUCH a din this morning I was fearful of neighbourhood complainants!! They'd already been let out and fed but my goodness they were so squawksome! I usually speak to my partner at lunchtime (he works nights and usually sleeps in until then)(not in the chicken coop I hasten to add) and he checked the coop – to find THREE eggs!! All in the same nesting box!! Now there were none when I checked this morning at 8am so we reckon that all the commotion was due to all three of them queueing to use the nesting box and yelling at the hen in front to hurry up!! Silly things! There are THREE nesting boxes in that coop and they all decide to lay on the same one!!

Please forgive my numerous chickeny ramblings – we're besotted with them – and everything is still very new to us!

“Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold, Through the brown mould Although the March breeze blew keen on her face, Although the white snow lay in many a place.”

Anna B. Warner ("Amy Lothrop") Quotes

Source: Daffy-Down-Dilly

Changing the subject slightly(!) - aren't daffodils the brightest, cheeriest flowers ever? They're such a joy and it's wonderful to see swathes of them coming into colour alongside the park banks and front gardens on my way in to work this last week.

I don't mind telling you that we've had a really rough ride at work recently. Its just the usual office politics, bitching and back biting that sometimes prevail when a large group of women work together. We had a collective rollocking from the Dept Head on Friday which left us all really flat and fed up, particularly as a lot of what had been said was totally unfounded and it's becoming increasingly obvious that poison is being dripped into her ears. To escape the horrible atmosphere on Tuesday I took myself off for a walk up town and had a browse in the Charity Shops. Unfortunately there wasn't much doing really, but on the way back I spotted some very tightly closed daffies at four bunches for a mere 99p. I snaffled up 8 bunches and distributed them to all of the girls in our section when I got back and for the first time that day there were smiles all 'round. In the warmth of the office, they've opened up over the last couple of days (the daffies not the girls) and now there are eight pools of yellow cheeriness dotted around the department which everyone comments on as they pass by. It's probably the best £2.00 I've spent for a very long time. Random Acts of Kindness need not cost much (or anything at all) but you can certainly make a difference to people's days by such simple acts. I've seen some wonderful RAKs of late going on in blogland too. Long may it continue.

•How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! ~George Elliston

In other ramblings ponderings of a consumer nature, I'm giving a big “UP” to Aldi this week. People used to be a bit sniffy about the likes of Aldi and Lidl but I guess that now they've proved their worth and staying power amongst the big boys, Joe Public is prepared to give them a chance. I know that if you shop at the likes of Asda, Tesco et al then their Super Value/Basics ranges come out much cheaper than some of Aldi's prices but I would like to sing said stores' praises a little here. Not only are their Super Six blooming good value for money at between 39p and 69p each week, I'm loving the fact that a good lot of their vegetable produce is sourced in the UK. (As, I'm pleased to say is their chicken, pork and beef)   Look see!! 
 This particularly pleases me to see Brit produce on the shelves.  I had a major rant in Asda a few months ago when I could literally find just ONE type of apple which had been sourced from England.  ONE!  We'd not long had our English harvest at that time and the apple barns must have been brimming with appley goodness!  I flatly refuse to buy French Braeburns/Granny Smiths/Pink Lady/WhatEVER from France when we have such a wonderful array of beautiful eating apples on our own soil.  So there. 

ANYway... back to the plot!!
This week it appears that they have pineapples, an eight pack of kiwi fruit, a six pack of oranges, a six pack of pears, 400g of plums, and a seven pack of funsized apples all for 69p each. This particular offer runs until 12th March so you have plenty of time to stock up. At that price just think of the amount of lovely fruit salads and smoothies you could whizz up. Splendiferous!

It's worth keeping an eye on their garden produce too. I've had some lovely shrubs from there over the last year or two at vastly knocked down prices which are now thriving in my garden. Just last week they had an offer on some lovely healthy young fruit trees for just £3.99 each – not a bad investment for a little apple or pear tree which will keep you in fruit for years to come I reckon, particularly when the prices of similar items at the Garden Centres are eye-poppingly huge. Aldi have Special Offer Days on most Thursdays and Sundays when they showcase an array of goods at a special price.  When the offers have finished - particularly on fresh produce (such as the garden plants etcetera) then it's worth keeping an eye on them for further knock downs!

I'm rambling now aren't I? I should be called Rose!!

Keep your feathers fluffed and I'll see you very soon.

All love

K xxxx


  1. oooh, I'd love chickens. I think my dog would probably attack them though so best not. I'm so pleased it' daffodil season. Vases of sunny flowers for only £2. Yay x

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you for your comment - lovely to see you here x