Friday, 20 May 2011

Faff-about Friday

Hello dahhlings


It's been a pretty pleasant day today here in the Black Country.  I've been crashing around the house. Crashing is the right word -  I forgot to mention but I've been signed off work for this last week with Labrynthitis which I think has stemmed from the virus I had to celebrate the Royal Wedding with.  Labrynthitis isn't pleasant at all.  It's an imbalance/infection in the middle ear and gives the effect of one having imbibed rather too many G&T's without having had the pleasure of actually reaching that state.  The anti biotics are working on the infection and the imbalance will right itself over time I guess, suffice to say I haven't strayed very far from home for fear of colliding with more random strangers than usual and having to explain why I am walking in a crab-like manner.  I know where I want to go.   I can see my target in front of me and fixate on it as my goal... but then I find myself taking a rather round-about route to get there.  Tis most disconcerting! 

Rather than procrastinating my day away, I've been taking lots of photographs of old clothes.



Just having a little pause there so that you can come to terms with the truly rollocking time I have in my rock'n'roll lifestyle.  Nope - I don't know how I cope with the excitement either!

Yes - it's free listing on ebay this weekend and I decided that enough was enough.... I have ridiculous amounts of clothes and shoes and bags simply hanging around the house, cluttering up precious space in our room and it's time to get brutal!  I used to trade on ebay quite a lot but it became such a faff!!  The constant photographing, thinking up witty descriptions for sale items, responding to buyer queries and... worst of all - packing it all up and posting it off!  Yawn. What a nightmare.  In fact - what on earth am I thinking of?!!  I must have about 40 items to list - it will take forever!

On the plus side however, it will be nice to see the old Paypal account swell again.  And I could get the bug for selling again couldn't I?  I have a divorce to fund after all!

I'm such a home-bird y'know.  Yes it's nice to go out and about and do things but I think I'm happiest when I'm here pottering (crashing) around our little home.  I'm relishing my time here today because this time next week I shall be standing on a (probably) cold, wet Sunderland pavement outside the Stadium of Light, and gearing up to do battle for front barrier with thousands of other like-minded Take That fans.  What on earth was I thinking?!

Random pics for today are of Minnie-cat.  She of the imperious nature and snub nose which makes her look like she's pouting all the time. 

Just as well my seedlings don't need any room to grow isn't it?!  Bloomin'animals!  Potty the lot of em.

I thank you.


  1. Does she grow bigger the longer she stays in there?

  2. Well..I would say you were always a little off, but since I don't know you personally...... lol!
    Ugh! You have my sympathies with your labrynthey thingy and I hope you get back to feel 100% soon! I applaud you with your ebay endeavors. I stopped ebay for the exact reasons you mention.
    I know the cats in the garden drive you barmy, but I love that photo! She looks sooooo cute!
    Giant AWWWW!

  3. Cats pose; they seem to know that they look 'cute' curled up in your favourite hat or saucepan. Our Freddie has been trying to hatch some strawberries for a week..... little blighter.

  4. Hahaha..... Cro - that made me laugh - hatching strawberries indeed. Sounds like something one of my three would do!

    Meggs - she's not cute at all. She's a p.i.t.a. but she knows that this is inconsequential and that she'll get away with it! Monsters the lot of em!! ;)

  5. I think I need some of those seeds if you get gorgeous results like that!
    Have a brillint weekend and feel better soon. xxx