Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday Meanderings

Hello and welcome back - I'm typing this in the hope that Blogger is behaving itself today.  I have about three posts which need editing but for some unfathomable reason once I've edited then Blogger refuses to let me post them.  Sigh.  Ah well.  Shall keep trying.

I've not much to say for myself today really.  The black dog is biting my arse again - vicious little git - and I find myself wanting to make a camp in the living room, with the duvet slung over the sofa and the chair and hide in there with a hot chocolate, my crochet and a good book.  I shall have to try reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly hard not to let this post descend into a 'woe is me pity-athon'.  Please forgive me for being a little self indulgent.  I blame ..erm.... hmm.... actually I can't find anything to blame.  Which makes depression all the more difficult to understand. 

I have everything I have ever wanted/needed in my life.   Wonderful, caring, gorgeous, sexy man who treats me like a princess - check.   Beautiful, happy, healthy children - check.  Job - check. (blah!).  Painfully small but very homely home full of the people/things I love - check.   So why can't I just be happy?  Answers on a post card (or the back of a diazepam packet) please.

Ugh.... what was I saying about self-indulgence?

Moving on.

I've been ho-way the Sunderlan' (ahem. Visiting Sunderland) since Thursday to see a rather sexy man band with my daughter and some friends.  We've had a fantastic time and saw them on opening night and second night - both from front barrier positions.  Rah! 

We were page 3 girls on Saturday.  The Mirror sported a pic of us on their page three posing with home made banners.  What a laugh!!  Made even funnier by the first text I received on Saturday morning to be from my ex-husband letting me know that fact.  I could sense the disapproval from all of those miles away!! hahahaha.  Ahem.

We had camped overnight which I hope goes some way to explaining our dishevelled appearance!!  Bet the boys were drooling over their branflakes when they spotted that little number whilst doing their press reviews!!  Not.

Camping was actually a lot better than I expected.  I'm old.  And arthritic.  And I don't do camping.  I need my creature comforts.  Like a toilet.   And it made the bones of my arse (yes they're under there somewhere) ache.  But apart from that - bouyed up by hot chocolate made on the camping stove at 3 in the morning and 27 layers of clothing - it was ok.  Would I do it again?  um...  in a heart beat!! 

Here's some pics:

Neil Tenant from the Pet Shop Boys - brilliant brilliant - got the place rocking in no time.


Smiley faces on front barrier - B stage

Ok now that's out of my system I won't mention them again ..... until I got to see them in Birmingham at the end of June.  Isn't it odd that at the same time I'm posting my Take That pictures I'm looking for day tickets to Sonisphere to see Slip Knot??!!  hahahahah.

See you soon!!! 


  1. So, living near to Sunderland does have some advantages! All that, and Robbie too.

  2. Is everyone in the UK EXCEPT ME going to see the boys? Arghh!! lol

  3. I'm not, but will no doubt buy the dvd when it's out.

    Kim, I hope you manage to shake off that tiresome black dog, he does seem to strike for no apparent reason doesn't he?

  4. You are absolutely allowed to be self-indulgent when you need to. Sounds like you had quite the time. I was thinking of you all weekend. No link to your photo in the Mirror?
    Peapod, if you have a chemical imbalance, stop kicking yourself. That's like being angry with yourself for having diabetes.
    Do what you can but understand that "your best" is always changing.
    Oh, and did I mention stop kicking yourself?
    Love the cheesy grin in that last photo!