Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chicken Stack

"'Ere, Betty, she's got that ruddy camera again - shall we do our party piece?"

"No Hattie.  You'll mess me feathers up and I'm fresh out of the dust bath"

"O'g'wan.......... g'wan, g'wan g'wan!!  Look I just need to get under there" 

"Sigh.  If you must.  Just hurry up about it"

Wait for it.... wait for it...............


"Really Hatie.  You are SO childish"

"Betty..I've changed me mind..... Gerroff now - I can't breathe!!"

Hattie? HATTIE??? Your head has fallen off!!

"Ooh I'm off before she finds out"


I thank you.


  1. Love the commentry - SO funny!

  2. I've got the hen-house, but still no hens. I want some (3) like yours, but I'm told I have to wait till mid August.

    My hen-house seems to have been made by the same man as yours!! Do they all come flat-packed from China?

  3. LOL!

    Those girls are headed for the big time, and I can say that I 'knew' them when! :)

    Btw, package was posted out to you this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh Kim, you are such a loveable nutter. xxx

  5. you are completely barking mad, do you know that? But I am too, thats why I loved this!!! :-)

    Leanne x

  6. :-) Glad I made you smile peeps!!! That makes me happy.

    Cro - I'm not sure why you would have to wait so long for your chickens. How odd. That said though, I don't know enough about them really to comment. I inherited mine but I guess that if you're after point of lay ones from a specific breeder then that's the reason for the wait.

    Kadeeae - thank you!! looking forward to receiving my package!!

  7. What an absolute hoot! How do you stop yourself from just watching them all the time!

  8. It did it! It did it! It accepted my comment! About bliddy time. :D