Monday, 11 July 2011

A wander through my Weekend

Hello to you all.

We are, what is commonly known in the trade as a bit 'boracic lint' this week and so our planned outing to the local MCC's custom bike show was shelved in favour of pottering around at home.

We did venture up to the local car boot sale but the decidedly dodgy weather over the last few days had halved the amount of traders and the field which is usually heaving with buyers and sellers was decidedly quiet.  The sun, however, did shine it's little head off for all the time we were wandering around and so it was a pleasant way to spend our early morning.

Pickings were relatively slim, however we did spy a Sex Pistols documentary dvd we had been looking for for a while, and also a couple of films. I really admire Monty Don and was pleased to pick up the collaborative book from him and his wife, Sarah, entitled 'From Fork to Fork' which is mixture of veggie gardening advice and recipes for utilising your produce. 

I picked up a really good quality cotton, pretty gingham/floral single quilt cover with two matching pillow cases for three quid which I intended on cutting up to begin a patchwork quilt with.  Darling daughter, however, had other ideas and snaffled it as soon as she saw it.  The patchwork may have to wait!

These were a bargain - £1.50 for all of them and they've now been washed and sterilised and set away pending the preserving season!

A pretty glass necklace for 50p

And these two sweet little pewter fairies for 50p.  The pink one is a bit too fluffy for my tastes but as she was thrown in for free with her rather more elegant mate then who was I to say no?! 

Saturday evening was beautiful.  We decided to take a walk over the fields at around 7 and the light was stunningly beautiful.  I love that time during a mid-summer evening where everything is bathed in golden light.  My camera really is on it's last legs now and I'm having to hold the battery in with my thumb when I take a photo so these aren't as clear as I'd like.   I'll stop waffling now and let you enjoy the scenery!  Hope your weekend was a good one too! xx

The wheat is beginning to ripen

Love how the light picks up the yellowing leaves making them almost flourescent

Spotted this beauty havig a snooze on a blackberry leaf!

Catch you again really soon!


  1. Sometimes the simplest days are the best. The preserve jars were certainly a bargain, and the pretty necklace will certainly lift the spirits Kim :o) A walk over the fields looks just the ticket.
    Hope finances soon improve, in the meantime have a great week!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Hope you can still get the rubber rings for your jars... if not, they are sold everywhere over here. I use the Le Parfait jars with metal capsules, again available everywhere here.

    Money's such a bore!

  3. Hello Rose - yes I agree about the simplest days - we sure enjoy our relatively simple life. We're really lucky to have so much green on our doorstep. :)

    Hiya Cro - yep I think they're relatively easy to get hold of over here thanks - there's always ebay too! lol Saying that, I don't think these have been used and the seals look in pretty good shape so far. I love em! If I had the storage room I'd buy loads of them!! Ugh I'm with you on the money score!!!

  4. Sounds like it was a lovely day! Love the photos from your walk. For the first time in months, I wandered The Dirt Patch and the adjoining lot last night.
    Hope you are having a good week!

  5. I have a thing about glass jars and tins and so on. I have no need for more, but I always want to buy them, especially decorated tins. I have my eye on a Marmite one at a local museum we visited recently.