Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bootiful Treasures

Hey hey!

I promised to share this week's car booting bargains with you didn't I? 

Here we go then...

It was a huge boot on Saturday and I was in my element as there were row upon row of traders and it took hours to walk around!!  Fuelled by a half time sausage and onion bap we found that these wondrous lovelies on a stall near the end of the very last row.  It's very rare that I come across Wiccan goodies at boot sales so as you can imagine I was very happy to spot the items which follow.  The only annoyance was that the stallholder told me he'd had loads of very similar stuff but had sold most of it by the time we got there.  Gutted!!!! 

As an aside - I'm afraid I could never live in a minimalist house.  I just  love STUFF too much!

Moving on .... a completely rubbish and out of focus shot of a new 'green man' candle holder - although this looks shabby, it's not and is absolutely brand new and came complete with a brand new wrapped candle and packaging (it's just my rather suspect  photography that's not done it justice!).  This was the princely sum of £1.00! 

Next and on the same stall was this gorgeous green man goblet - again just £1.00. 

And this beautiful 'Book of Shadows', a resin (very heavy actually) note book bound with leather thonging, still boxed and bubble wrapped -  and ideal for scribbling thoughts and pomes, ponderings and ... well.... stuff!!!

Front View -

 And back view!  As pretty from the back as from the front.

And yup - just £1.00!!!

The candle holder and the book of shadows are by Nemesis Now.  Check out their website for lots of other examples of their wares.  The odd thing is that there is a guy who sells purely new Nemesis Now products on a stall at this particular carboot sale and a couple of weeks ago Charlie bought the Salium dragon for me. 

We always drool over the stuff he sells but it's a tad pricey, although he assures us that his prices are cheaper than the actual web site.   Before we'd purchased Salium, neither of us had heard of the product before.  We'll deffo be keeping an eye out for more of it though. 

And finally - I fell in love with this candle sconce which is very similar to a Rennie Mackintosh design (which I also love).  This piece is called "Crescent Moon" and was (according to the info piece on the rear of the sconce) was inspired by an early twentieth century Glasgow scuplture by Agnes Bankier Harvey.  It's quite heavy but again I think it's just moulded resin - very purdy tho' and even nicer cos I'd picked it up to admire it and didn't even bother asking the price because I simply have far too many candle holders!!  It was a lovely surprise when my lovely blokey presented it to me when we stopped for breakfast - he'd paid £2.00 for it which wasn't a bad price at all - but even nicer that he'd done it without me knowing!!

It's gorge innit?!!  Not sure where I'm going to put it but I'm sure it'll find it's own place in our home!

Speaking of my lovely man - it's his birthday today. 

(Look away now - slushy stuff follows!!)

Happy Birthday darlin' - you're the best and I love ya tons!


  1. What did he buy you for his birthday? I love the book...perfect for spells and incantations.

  2. Wow-Jackpot!!! Happiest Birthday to your man!
    That crescent moon candle holder looks quite lovely right there on that outside table! Love it all, and really love the cover on that Book of Shadows..hares!!! My problem is I get them, and then don't want to write in them for fear of "ruining" them....pathetic! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful new treasures!

  3. Lol Delores - I guess I got my gifts at the weekend!!

    Hiya Meggs - yup the Book of Shadows is gorgeous - and I'm just the same - I'll stroke it and admire it but I doubt I'll write in it - in fact - it's sitting in my curio cabinet as we speak!!

  4. Lovely 'stuff'! I especially like the candle sconce and love the face on the green man in pic one.
    Guess you'll be going to that car boot again???

    Sandie xx

  5. Oh how I love a good ole boot sale. We have a huge annual one coming up soon, and I'm hoping that the recession will have lowered prices a bit.

    I've done a sun-dance for the birthday boy. Enjoy!

  6. WOW! Kim, I LOVE all the green man stuff and the dragon is to die for - you have no idea how much I love dragons ;o) Like the Book of Shaddows too - I didn't post but I got a similar Book of Spells for £1 a few weeks ago which has already been delivered to Nottingham!
    Sending happy belated wishes to your dear one - bet he had a great day :o)
    Thank you for your lovely comments, I already had the crystal ball it's about 5" diameter which I bought from a boot sale about four years ago, from memory I think it was about £20.
    I think I'd just grab a bottle of vodka for the extract, I wouldn't fancy it made with the pear vodka either.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Rose H

  7. Hello Sandie - welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. I'm a bit obsessed with the place so yup - I guess I'll be doing it all again on Saturday!

    Cro - hopefully your sun dance will last for Saturday! I wish you bargains a-plenty for the big annual boot!!

    Hi Rose - ah I bet your daughter is really pleased that she has a bargain hunting Mom! I adore dragons too - I'll have to show you the others I have!

  8. ooh lots of goodies. I thought you;d been shopping here in Glastonbury for a minute.
    I like all your bargains, especially the goblet.

  9. Oh I do love your Green Man goblet. What potion will you be quaffing from him? x

  10. wow! didnt you do well!! I would have picked all of those up as well!!

    Leanne x

  11. I have a thing for notebooks and that one is FAB FAB FAB! I don't think I'd write in it eiter, unless I knew some great spells and could write in calligraphy type writing :)

  12. Gorgeous stuff. You can never have too many Green Men (Mans?) - that's what I think.