Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hello, My Friends, Hello...........

Oooh I went a bit Neil Diamond then!

It's ok though.  I've had a lie down and the moment has passed.

Well now, how are you all?  It's been a crazy mad few days.  Last weekend I went to Munich to see the last concert of the Take That Progress Tour.  I travelled over on an early flight on Thursday morning and docked back into my house at 12.30pm on Sunday morning.  It was a few days of giggles, friendship, queuing, mad decisions, evil German security people, racing across stadiums (us not the security guards), thunder storms, ants, divine caipirinha cocktails, more ants (lots of!), three grown women in a king sized bed, extremely rude receptionists, and survival on an occasional slice of pizza (Dukan went out of the window for a couple of days).

Ah but it was sooooo worth it.  Front row. Main stage.  Lots of smiles, waves, thank yous and recognition from the lads and a concert we won't be forgetting in a hurry!

The concert was held in the same stadium that had been created for the Olympics in 1972.     Our hotel was about a fifteen minute walk away and to get to the beautiful park and grounds we had a walk through the tiny houses which had been for the female Olympians.  They were tiny little concrete boxes which are now inhabited by students.  I found them fascinating and very cosmopolitan looking!  I didn't take any photographs (you can have a look HERE though) but there were some fab murals on the outside walls.  Apparently the residents have carte blanche to paint the exterior of the property and thus make them unique.  I also noticed lots of little display windows with collections of things inside. 

 Such an interesting development despite at first glance the total austerity of the architecture. 

The park itself is stunning with a huge boating lake and gorgeous landscapes.  Have a look here And HUNDREDS of joggers!! I don't think anyone in Germany walks anywhere - they jog!! lol  There was a summer festival going on too which meant that a wonderful fair had been set up and lots of interesting little stalls to while away the boredom of the queues.

Here are a few pics taken along the way - not as many as I'd like but you'll get the general idea.

Oooh look - I can see the stadium from here!

Getting closer!..
Cocktails for you my friends, Cocktails... for you!!

"..... we had a real blast...."

Eeek!! TT Minus Zero!

Five Happy Chappies = Thousands of Happy Fans

GASP!!  What do you mean it's all over?!

At the airport.  Hearts in handbags. Empty wine glass.  Says it all really!

Loved this statue outside Munich airport 
And this snack bar!! I want one in the back garden!!

HTH has been very naughty for a week or so but I genuinely think that we're just getting used to each other.  Charl and I have found that this weekend, with the kids at their dad's house and thus so the house being relatively quiet, he's been really good - apart from the odd puppyish loony spell.  As a result I haven't been as stressed out with him as I have been and he's picked up on that.  He's a beautiful dog and I'm sure things will work out - but for a brief moment last week I really was beginning to regret taking him in. I wasn't feeling the love at all and had a massive guilt trip.   As I've wanted a dog for over 20 years you can imagine how upsetting this was.  We've asked the kids to try to ignore him as much as possible when bad behaviour is prevalent but as you can imagine all they want to do is play with him.  When he's spoken to quietly and firmly then he's a good lad.  He certainly feeds off loud voices and becomes over-excited very quickly.  It's a roller coaster but I'm sure we'll get it right eventually.  I'll try to post more pictures of him very soon.

Yesterday we paid a visit to our usual Saturday morning car boot sale and  I picked up some lovely Wiccan ornaments, the pictures of which I'll share with you tomorrow! 

Have a lovely evening - I'm off to squeeze the last drops out of my weekend with my lovely man, happy in the knowledge that this time next week we shall be looking forward to a whole week off!!  You can bet this week will drag it's ass like a draggy thing!!!

Love love xxxx


  1. So glad you had a good time...that airplane snack bar is fantastic..

    verification lettrs inkesctsy...a writers ecstasy? (sorry, I don't do the verification thing often but I couldn't pass this one up)

  2. Welcome to my blog!! Thanks so much for your comment - How funny about the word verification thing - I often get really comical ones - I'll have to compile a list!

  3. Sshhh, don't tell anyone (OH) but I'm a closet Take That fan! I'm green with envy - looks like a truly fab time :o) What a great snack wagon, can I visit when you get yours?
    Thanks for your lovely comments Kim - I'm looking forward to seeing the car-boot booty - you've got me curious....
    Dear Daughter is the Rammstein fan - a true Goth ;o) she had a little plot in our tiny garden from childhood and has always loved gardening. The jewellery - well that's just one of her many craft talents!
    Enjoy the week - I'm sure it'll fly by :o)

  4. Of course you can Rose!!
    OOH! Does she know that Rammstein are touring next year? I bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago - it's in February and I can't blimmin wait!!!

  5. She probably does know Kim, but sadly she doesn't have much spare funds for concerts...she'd rather go LARPing! (Live Roll Action Playing)
    Just read yer comment on the vanilla extract - the batch I made to photo is darkening nicely and smells divine ;o) Start some off soon - you won't regret it.
    I'm just off to see if my prickly little visitors have arrived yet :o)

  6. It looks like the Take That boys had as much fun as you obviously did. Me too I love that snack bar.

    My daughter in law is German, but the only time I've visited was for the wedding. I loved it; joggers-n-all.

  7. Oh, I sooooo need a piranha cocktail now! Love the lego houses and I have to have a snack bar like that. You do realise I'm going to Google it right now, don't you? Oh yes, and you have hit the nail on the head re. HTH. Doggies respond and behave so much better to calm and quiet. Remember he will be reading your body language so a lot of talking is unecessary. That cute boy will respond to hand signals beautifully. Both of ours obey hand signals faster than spoken commands. Which I know is not exactly where you are coming from and it's the riotous behaviour and playing that gets him wound up, I was just sort of going off at a tangent. Must be the craving for the piranha. :D

  8. Hmm, I'm not just going to pick one up from Argos then, am I? "Add a Pratt and Whitney radial aircraft engine and some wings to an Airstream trailer"