Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Time to Reap....

August rushes by like desert rainfall,

A flood of frenzied upheaval,


But still catching me unprepared.

Like a matchflame

Bursting on the scene,

Heat and haze of crimson sunsets.

Like a dream

Of moon and dark barely recalled,

A moment,

Shadows caught in a blink.

Like a quick kiss;

One wishes for more

But it suddenly turns to leave,

Dragging summer away.

~Elizabeth Maua Taylor~

As expected, 'my' field was harvested over the weekend....

A Roll in the Hay?  Oo-er missus!!

Cassie maintained a safe distance from proceedings from the top of the gate and feigned indifference.

Keep that thing away from me!!
They were working on the back field until 1am this morning.  I'm assuming this is because the Farmer is well aware that the weather will close in today and wanted to get it finished. 

The Wheel of the Year is turning so quickly...  blessings upon your harvest home - whether it be a few bendy carrots - or three hundredweight of courgettes!!

K xxx


  1. All is safely gathered in...

    I like your cat.

  2. Cassie has the right idea watching from a high vantage point....just think all those mice lookin' for a new home ;o)
    Harvest time, a dirty dusty job - well done the farmer. Did he ask your permission before moving all that machinery in Kim? After all it is YOUR field!

  3. This is my favourite time of year. I always loved Harvest festival at school, when we all had to bring somehting in and it would be transformed into a lush, colourful display in the school hall.
    The Harvest hymns were always my favourite too.

    Cassie is a cute cat, don't our American friends call Tortie "Calico"?

  4. Dirty dusty work indeed. Looks like a good "catch".

  5. Cassie was probably waiting for the Harvest mice to run for cover! She's a pretty cat!

    Harvest Blessings to you too.

    Sandie xx

  6. I have been seeing that scene being repeated around here also. It is a good time of the year.

  7. You know I'm not mad on cats? Well I just caught myself looking at Cassie and saying 'aw'!!

    I'm glad I'm not a farmer, what long hours they have to work.

  8. Love that poem Kim, and you've taken some great photos there. How lucky to be so close to nature and the rural life.

  9. Great poem and photos to go with it. I'm torn because while the colors are beautiful, I don't like the loss of daylight hours and warmth. Sigh. But Autumn is beautiful!
    Over here, if a cat is mostly orange and black with white patches, it is tortoiseshell. If it is mostly white with black and orange patches, it is called calico. But not everyone goes by that specific a definition. It just depends on in what area in the US you live.

  10. I didn't realise that you had different names for tortie cats - although I love the name 'calico'