Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Cosy Evening

Hello blogging friends!

Brrr!! It's been a beautiful crisp and bright autumnal day but my goodness the nights are getting considerably more chilly!   I couldn't wait to get home this evening after a mad busy week and was glad that I had no plans to be out and about. 

A simple supper of mash, fish and parsley sauce made great 'comfort' food and a warm bath soaked away that cloying worky cloak of wearisome yukkiness (im.pressive eh?!!) so that the weekend could begin properly.

I fancied that a cosy evening was the order of the ...erm.... day!!  I drew the curtains and settled on the sofa for a complete lazeathon - and what's more I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty!

A couple of my beautiful Halloween candle holders have found their way on to the mantleshelf early this year   -.. a spidery/leafy one - the metal pictures are magnetic so you can have different combinations of theme.  I'll exchange the autumnal theme for snowflakes towards Yule.   

Aww... my favourite... the pumpkin house!  I absolutely adore this little house - looks welcoming doesn't it?!   I have a bit of a thing for pumpkins as you will see in forthcoming posts!!  The teeny tiny pumpkins sitting in front of the house are no bigger than a 50p piece and made from china. I can't remember where I got them from now I've had them for so long.

 The ripple blanket has been hauled out of hibernation and is coming on apace. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its bright colours are nice and cheery and keep me occupied (and warm!) whilst the man is asleep before his night shift.

Well that was a completely rubbish post wasn't it?!   I shall try to do better over the weekend.

In the meantime - I hope you had yourselves a cosy Friday evening.

Harvey hopes so too!!  (the pink colouring on his leg isn't blood - it's from one of those yuksome gurt chewy bone things!)


  1. Harvey always looks so alert, he really is a lovely dog. Some of my favourite dogs (never mine) have been BC's.

    Nice blanket; there's something very comforting about multi-coloured, home-made, blankets.

  2. Love the pumpkin house!
    What an intelligent dog Harvey looks.

  3. I love the pumpkin house, I want one. Hello Harvey hooligan. :)

  4. Love the pumpkins Kim - the little house is cute!
    Harvey looks ready for fun and frolics ;o)
    I put our throws out in the week - so nice to snuggle down in the evening.