Sunday, 16 October 2011

FREE Double Duvet!! Yeah Right!

**Ranty blog post alert**

On the front of the Daily Mail yesterday there was a big splashy strapline - "FREE DOUBLE DUVET Worth £49.99 for Every Reader".   Cor, I thought  That doesn't sound like a bad offer does it?!  Until I spotted the dreaded "token collect" wording in far smaller text underneath the ad.  

Further investigation revealed that you had to collect 35 tokens plus send £4.99 in postage.  Now if my calculations are correct, to get the duvet at it's cheapest rate (i.e. by collecting tokens from only the weekly newspapers at the current rate of 55p per day)  that's a whole seven weeks of token collecting which would cost your £19.25 plus your £4.99 p&p = £24.24.  That's if you don't factor in buying the more expensive weekend newspapers if you wanted to get the duvet more quickly.  Well pardon me - that's hardly 'FREE' is it?

The advertised duvet is a 'sumptuous 9 tog'.   Hmm.  Doesn't sound particularly sumptuous to me.  Oh - hang on a minute though - you have the opportunity to BUY a 3 tog double duvet worth £39.99 for the "brilliant price of £14.99 (plus postage - presumably another £4.99)" - which will fit perfectly with the 9 tog to add that extra bit of warmth when needed.  So - for the bargain price of £44.22 you can have a 12 tog duvet.  

Alternatively - you could nip to the "big green supermarket of monstrous proportions" where you could pick up a 13.5 tog double duvet for the princely sum of £7.78.

As our American friends would say - Go Figure!!!!

See - this is why I don't buy newspapers.  They make me cross!  And that's just the freebies!  

N.B.   I do realise that if you buy newspapers every day, then of course you would consider that you're getting a good deal.  ;)  But it's my blog and I'll rant if I want to!! hahahha xx


  1. What did you expect? I take all these so called 'never to be missed offers', cum grano salis!

  2. It's a joke isn't it Kim? I like it when they advertise the latest weekly 'build it yourself' model of a ship/dolls house/car on TV, first copy £1.99 then 70 to 100 copies at £6.99 huh - are folk mad? As you say, go figure!

  3. I bought my 15 tog luxury duvet for less than that last year! Madness!

  4. Only worth it if you already read the rag...but of course the offer's not for you then, it's to hook in new readers.