Sunday, 30 October 2011

"This is Halloween...This is Halloween"

... well nearly anyway.

Some pics from our little pre-Halloween soiree.   I adore this time of year so it was a very good excuse for me to do some spookifying!!!

I love the trees so much tho I can see them staying a while longer!!!

This is a very photo heavy post I'm afraid.

Buffet!!  - the gingham basket is awaiting jacket potatoes to go with the huge vats of beef stew and chicken curry which had been bubbling away all day.

Freaky Face Cup-Cakes - My son and I had fun decorating these!

A cauldron full of popcorn - you can never have too much!

Spooky Trees!

Chris (My daughter's bf!) and my daughter (aka Jack and Sally!), and my not so little any more, boy!

My loony best mate!

Devilish Dad


Bless em - they worked SO hard on their home made costumes - I think they looked fabulous!

Me and my man - gorgeous even with gangrenous skin and scabs!!
HTH went on his holidays for the evening as we knew he'd get ridiculously over excited with so many people around.  It was nice to have the cats roaming around without a care.  Cassie joined in with the festivities1

It's lovely having people around but it's also lovely when the house is clean, tidy and quiet too.  We worked so hard yesterday that today has been declared a day of hibernation.  We're snuggled in the house; HTH is back, Charl is planning a bakeathon (that's if he makes it into the kitchen as he's looking decidedly heavy eyed at the moment!) and me.... well I'm going to partake of a glass of left over mulled cider and an afternoon of blog tangling.

Have a relaxing afternoon xx


  1. And when you all dress up, and decorate your faces, you should all look quite SCARY.

  2. Looks like you'll be having a hoot!

  3. What marvellous fun!
    I was struck how alike you and your daughter are, same fabulous cheek bones.

  4. Your daughter's boyfriend looks a lot like me WITHOUT make up. Looks like a good night...

  5. Everything looks great, Kim!! :D