Monday, 20 June 2011

And now for something completely different.

Well ok perhaps not groundbreakingly different; just a little alternative for a Monday evening!

This evening some work colleagues and I went on a brewery tour.  I don't mind a nice real ale, and Sadlers Brewery based at The Windsor Castle in Lye in the Black Country brew some corkers!!

We had a tour of the microbrewery and the very affable tour host Sam explained the brewing process right from the start.  I have to say that I was intrigued with his explanations (no doubt assisted by the fact that he was very easy on the eye! ;) ).  We smelt and tasted the barley in it's various stages.  We were shown where the 'magic' happens.  It was good to hear that the by-product of the brewing process is utilised by local farmers as animal feed.  One  thing that I was a little surprised at really was the fact that a local brewery such as this  have to buy in their hops from abroad.  I expected them to buy relatively locally as Worcester, Hereford and Evesham are so close and are renouned hop producing areas.   Apparently not however as the hops are incredibly expensive and it's cheaper to import them.  Mad eh?!

Anyway, inclusive in the £15.00 cost was a delicious ploughmans supper, including the softest homemade bread, super tasty chees, home made chutney, pickles. salad and salad.  PLUS four beer vouchers each to 'spend' sampling the ale.

I chose this one first - for obvious reason!

A golden England Best Bitter with a sweet after taste - very moreish and lovely it was too! 

Next came my favourite out of the ones I tried this evening, a pale lively brew called Hop Bomb.  Wow!  Really refreshing with an almost citrus tang to it.  Light and lively and 5% proof.  I'll be seeking out more of this I feel!!

Finally after my meal, I indulged in half a pint of Mud City Stout.  I've had this one before and liked its sinfully dark, almost chocolatey flavour.   Yum!!!  

I had to stop there tho as I was so full up I was about to pop and I couldn't have done justice to any more of the lovely brew!  I gifted my last beer token to someone far more worthy than I who used it wisely to partake of some more Hop Bomb!!  Good on ya 'Manda!!

Have a look here for more information on this delightful little pub.  I thoroughly recommend it and shall definitely be returning for a 'session', without a full belly getting in the way of beer sampling next time!!

Happy Midsummers Eve my darlings. 

Hoppy Malty Blessings to you. 


  1. Shame about the hops. I believe most brewers use imported 'hop extract'. Sacrilege!!

  2. Hi Kim, sounds like a delightful evening, hic! Shame about the hops though...
    Have a super Solstice!
    Rose H