Sunday, 5 June 2011

Flaming June

Where has it gone, exactly; this summer of which you speak? 
There was sunshine for a while last Saturday - but it hasn't been seen for a week.
I have a tell-tale tan line, from my neck down to my bust.
Who the heck am I kidding?  That's not tan, it's rust!

HAH!!!!  I just thought of that!! 

Flippin British weather! 

Between the showers, Mr B and I spent most of the day at the lottie.  We haven't been down for a while.  I was ill, then he was ill, then I was away.  Blah de blah.   In our absence the ruddy mares' tails (or Hoss's Arses as Mr B mistakenly called them this morning. Snigger) have had a field day in our five raised beds.  The varmints.

We were so traumatised by the sight of the weeds, we immediately called a coffee break.  Please note the tastefully staged photograph which includes the lovely liddle Country Living baglet that I purchased yesterday - incidentally - the hand cleanser and barrier cream smell DEEEVINE!!!

Suitably fortified by our coffee, we soon kicked  the weeds into touch though and had a darn good tidy up session.  We planted out the butternut squish plants we bought yesterday from the boot fair, the rogue courgette plant which we found amongst them(!), we transplanted the sweetcorn I had grown from seed, some cabbage plants which my Dad had given to us, together with about 30 red onions. 

The potatoes we planted a couple of months ago are flourishing, as are the shallots.  Several lottie people actually commented on the shallots today saying that they looked brilliant so I'm hoping for great things from them!

Look at these beauties.

We're thinking about setting up to trade in micro potatoes.  We think it could catch on!!  Look at the diddy diddly one!! Potatoes aren't supposed to be cute are they?! 

After we had weeded the tiny strawberry plantlets I had rescued as runners from one of the allotment paths, I was really pleased to see that there are already some tiny strawberries setting themselves.  As the runners were only transplanted very recently, I'm not expecting much from them this year but hopefully when they're more established next year we'll have lots of fruit.  Similarly, the raspberry canes we transplanted from an abandoned lottie have also settled down nicely so again, next year we should see some fruit.

The majority of the lottie holders are now utilising  'cages' to protect their soft fruit from marauding pigeons - and it's working so well.  These walk-in cages are made using  wooden frames and fine mesh covers which allows the bees, sunshine and rain in, but protects the soft fruit (currants, raspberries, blueberries etcetera) from the birds.  This method is certainly working and seems to be the way forward for us allotmenteers.  The currants in particular are hanging in bunches right now, shiny, plentiful and gorgeous - and more importantly, undamaged.  I'll get some pics for you next time I'm down there. 

We share our allotment with my brother and sister-in-law.  We have several raised beds each which is more than enough when we all work full time.  My Mum and Dad have two full sized plots on the same site, so between us all we have a little cooperative going and will swap fuit and veg as and when it becomes availalble.  It's mine and Mr B's first year of allotmenting so we're on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to growing stuff but we're having fun on the way.

We have a wildflower/wildlife bed  over by the shed and greenhouse which is home to a wildlife pond.  We were watching the tadpoles this morning and noticed that there are two distinct sizes in there at the moment.  Small taddies which are still swimming around and slightly larger froglets, with formed limbs and fat little bodies but which are still to lose their tails.   Whilst we were watching we were delighted to see a little newt standing on one of the rocks.  He was too quick for me to take his photograph but it was great to see him in there.  We christened him Newton.  Because it seems to suit him really.


Continuing with the produce theme, when we got home we found these on the doorstep, a gift from a lovely friend.

Rain eventually stopped play so we retreated home to homemade (leftover) lasagne, home made chunky chips and to balance it a little (!) a simple rustic salad to which we added our own-grown red oak leaf salad leaves.  The picture above is just a sample.  I did actually pick more than four leaves!! 

To follow we'll be having trifle, made with the fresh raspberries from yesterday, sugar free raspberry jelly, custard, a layer of passionfruit and mango yoghurt, cream and fresh strawberries.  None of that sponge finger malarkey for us thank you.  We prefer our trifle sans crumby bits!!

Enjoy your Sunday evening!!

P.S.   Dahhhlings  - Blogger tells me that I now have a total of 23 followers! *waves madly (and proudly!*)   Unfortunately because of the problems that Blogger is experiencing right now, I can't actually 'see' who you are .  If you have dropped by today, a comment from you would be very welcome.  Even if it's just to say hello.  You'd make a mad old bat very happy!  Leave a link to your blog so that I can return the favour. **

** Disclaimer:  This does not imply in any way that by association, my readers are mad old bats too.  



  1. My, your allotment looks so well organised and neat despite the 'hosses arses! Your fruit and veg look devine too. Think of me when you're tucking in next time :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Hello you mad old bat. I am neither mad nor old. ;) Beautiful looking veggie tables etc. there. Makes me yearn to do something similar and then I tell myself to behave. I was rubbish at it donkeys years ago and see no reason to think I would not be rubbish at it now. More power to your co-operative elbows.

  3. Oh my goodness! I finally got past the Blogging police!! :D

  4. It all looks fabulous... raised beds are so good (I do things the old fashioned way). Had our first harvest of courgettes yesterday.

    Re Your comments problems. If you are using Internet Explorer, try changing to Google Chrome (or similar). The problems will disappear.

  5. You have a lovely allotment and the trifle looks delicious x

  6. Ooh!! Thanks for that Cro I shall certainly try that when I get home.

    Thanks for your comments peeps - I enjoy it so much down there. Just wishing that I was down there now and not at work!!! lol

  7. Hello mad old bat ;)

    Comment problems can also be overcome by not ticking the 'keep me signed in' box, when signing in. Mad, but it works for me.

    Kim, we had diddy potatoes when we grew our own too, and yes of course they're supposed to be cute :)

  8. Yes. I'm mad, batlike and proud LOL

    I know what you mean about the weather, we are severely wind-burned :-O

    I'd be interested to see the fruit cage, I could do with one myself.

    I did smile at the tiny potato, don't they call them "marble potatoes"?
    We grew a micro cauli one year, it sat perfectly in the palm of my hand LOL

  9. Waving madly back at you dahling; I was so tickled to hit 23 followers too!
    For all the jokes etc. about the cakes, and trifles (yours looks superb) and sweet goodies, I have to tell you that salad looks to die for. It's been so long since having a garden fresh salad. Heaven!
    And despite the weeds, your allotment looks great and how fun you all can share and work closely with each other. I hope you have a ball (do you say that over there?)