Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Blessings

Blessings to you and yours on this Solstice Day.  The Wheel is turning so quickly this year.  It seems merely five minutes ago that we were celebrating Beltane.

Although we are bemoaning the lack of sunshine at the moment, the parched earth is drinking up the steady rain and our family allotments are showing their collective thanks by positively bombarding us with soft fruit right now.  It certainly goes hand in hand with Solstice and fruition.  Redcurrants, blackcurrants and strawberries are absolutely thriving inside the fruit cages and Mum and Dad have reported that they've picked three pounds of strawberries already this week, together with a litre icecream tub of each kind of currant with pounds more hanging like strands of jewels for the picking  of very shortly.

Some of them have been turned into delicious sweet treats already.  This is a simple and cheapie 79p cheesecake mix  made rather more luxurious with a topping of fresh allotment picked fruits and mint.

I spent another night out on the tiles this evening - just to a local hostelry for a cheap and cheerful carvery meal with my mad family to celebrate the birthday of this lovely lady:-



  1. Happy birthday from me too.

    Lady Magnon has already made her Strawberry jam. Not from our own fruit; ours come in dribs and drabs. For jam making we always have to buy in, but it's still delicious.

  2. OOh your Mum looks very glamorous!
    Haooy Birthday Mum!

  3. Thanks for your comments lovely people.

    Cro - I am a rubbish jam maker. I always think it needs more boiling and go too far and the jam ends up setting like concrete. I need some tips from Lady M methinks!

    Kath - she's not bad for 68 is she? She'd kill me if she knew I'd shared that info!! hahah.

  4. Cheesecake looks delish!

    Belated Happy Birthday to your Mum, and I agree with Kath, very glamorous . . . lamb's cute too, lol

  5. Solstice blessing to you and yours! Gawd that cheesecake looks delish!
    That is a FAB photo of your mum!

  6. Thought I would pop in here and let you know what you did to me. At the store on Saturday, they had a good price on some beautiful strawberries, so I bought some and a frozen cheesecake.
    Oh yeah, and another frozen cheesecake, and left half the strawberries to do it all over again this coming weekend.
    Yum! [groan] Yum! [oooo groan] Yum! [you get the idea....]

    p.s. in all seriousness though, thanks for the idea. It was so refreshing as our high temps for the last 7 days have been 100+F.


  7. OOO you little devil!!! hahaha..... aw they sound gorgeous! Nothing nicer than something cool for pud on a very hot day. And of course the strawberries are extremely healthy!!! ;)