Friday, 9 September 2011

44 - Droopy Drawers

Tis my birthday today. 

I be 44 years young.  44 - droopy drawers, in Bingo-Lingo!!   I am pleased to report, however, that my drawers are not droopy in the slightest.

Apparently I share my birthday with such luminaries as Tolstoy, Otis Redding, Adam Sandler and Hugh Grant.

Wow eh?

I've been very spoilt and..... joy of joys!! I have new camera!! Tis this baby!!

14.1 Mega pixels and a 15 x Optical Zoom. 

I'm in love!!!  Well - I would be if I knew what to do with it!!  Give me a month or two and I'll get the hang of it!!

So..... 44 eh?  Bliddy hell.  To coin a Black Country phrase, I'm older than a conker tree!

Just before I turned 40, I wrote a poem which I was lucky enough to get published in the Daily Mail, natch. 

Here it is:-

My Mid-Life Crisis

I think I might be having a crisis
A mid-life crisis at that
I’ve developed an overwhelming desire
To bed all the guys in Take That.

I want a tattoo on my shoulder
My kids’ names inked in hearts and swirls
My nose pierced with a single diamond
To sparkle when I go out with the girls.

I need an I-pod, a lap-top and a boom-box
A credit card with no charge to me!
And I hear that sat-nav comes as standard
In a brand new silver Audi TT.

I need over-the-knee boots and a hand-bag
From Dolce Gabanna , no less.
The waiting list for the new Nintendo DS
Has been causing me no END of stress

I think I might be having an epiphany
A dawning that something’s not right
When you’re my age you’re supposed to know better
Than to hang around on street corners at night

But the Nike trainers are great on me bunions
And my hoody top keeps out the chills
I’ve been down to the shops on my skateboard
Hey I know how to get my cheap thrills.

Don’t ‘diss’ me man, I’m still growin' up
I’m still allowed to be a little bit naughty
I’ve got a whole nine months worth of playing to do
Until I reach adulthood at forty.

Well I got the tattoo and the nose piercing at least!!  I'm rockin' my forties!!  Bring on another new year and all the possibilities it may hold.

Happy Friday night all - hope you're "rockin" too!! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Kim! :)

    Aren't you the lucky lady with that camera!

  2. No dust on you girl. Nice click box.

  3. Nice camera. Shame about the 'Take That' desires...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    Ooooeeee, I would love to have that pressy. Love your poem and most definitely keep rockin it in your 40's!
    Have a FAB weekend Kim! xx

  5. Happy Birthday, that's an impressive looking camera !

    RJR daydreamer

  6. Happy Birthday to you. First wish is "getting" the camera; 2nd wish should be to "figure it all out" before the next upgrade.

  7. HB Droopy Drawers. Big Cake? 44 Bumps? Do take pix, we shall need to see.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kim! I love being in my Forties. x

  9. Happy birthday Kim, wait til you hit the frisky fifties like me LOL

  10. Thanks all!!

    Cro- 44 bumps?? Me?? hahahahah = with a JCB may be!! :D

  11. I've got droopy drawers - under my bed, that is! So funny. Hope your spec day was brill - fabbie pres. x