Sunday, 4 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful (Parte ye the Firste)

The house has been busy today with the comings and goings of family life.  I've been in the kitchen for most of the day.  I love it there.  It's small and untidy - much like the rest of Peapods - but like most houses, it's the hub of our home and I spend lots of time in it.  Today I took great comfort in being in our little house and took time revel in the joy of what we all take for granted from time to time.

From my kitchen I can see out into the garden and watch the chooks scratching around in their pen, clucking lovingly at the water melon quarter they've been treated to today;  the cats high up in their shed top eyries, keep a collective, disdainful eye on proceedings, safe from the Hooligan who rushes up and down, barking importantly at the dog walkers who pass by on the other side of the hedge. 

Music blares from at least three rooms of the house.  My children giggle and tease and bicker if they happen to pass each other en route to the bathroom or up and down the stairs.  They meander in, usually foraging in the fridge for food, and then meander off again; my hormonal daughter throws herself at me for cuddle.  Doors are constantly opening and shutting.   The smell of good wholesome home baking drifts through the house accompanying the smell from the scented candles which flicker on the mantlepiece. Harriet Honda roars into life, splutters pitifully and dies again - a process which has been repeated on about 375.2 occasions today (*rolls eyes*); Man potters in to re-charge the bike's battery, pouting in frustration,  seeking coffee and a hug. 

This is what it's all about.  A simple, non-descript Sunday to most, but my heart feels full and I feel truly blessed and deeply appreciative

Here are some more things that have made me cheerful today.

1.  It's not Monday

2.  My 'business' cards arrived yesterday - more about that very soon.

3.  I have two 'orders' already.  See above!!

4.  See below!!
A simple bunch of allotment flowers in my sunshine yellow vase

A bunch of knock-down carnations - cost 86p and have lasted for a week with no signs of deterioration yet!

Home baking - apple and blackberry oaty crumble; damson loaf; damson, blackberry and apple muffins.

Thank goodness I've managed to stone all of those damned damsons!!!

This little fella.   A trinket box spotted by my clever man yesterday at an otherwise carp car boot!

He has the sweetest little face.  Every time I look at him I smile.  £2 well spent I feel!

What made you smile today lovely bloglies?


  1. What a lovely outlook on life :o)
    Reasons to smile today? Hubby came home after a couple of days away at a bike rally. Pussy cat sleeping soundly in such gorgeous positions. Gazing longingly at your wonderful damson muffins!

    Yer little smiling fella is certainly worth every penny of your £2!

  2. We had a blackberry and apple crumble too. Otherwise OUR house was suddenly empty....all gone home.

  3. OMG my mouth is watering at that damson cake!!

  4. Your baking all looks wonderful and frightfully delish!

  5. Yay!! (Items 1-3) and Item 4-Wow your flowers are gorgeous!!! And like the others, that damson loaf looks wonderful-mmmm.
    Love the trinket box!
    Sounds like a wonderful cheery day!