Saturday, 10 September 2011

Testing..... Testing.....

"Testing, testing. 

Testing testing testing now.

Just testing this.

Testing testing testing testing".

That's my boss that is.  Whenever he starts his dictation he HAS to say ^^^ that word up there.... LOTS  of times before he begins.  It. Does. Me. Flippin. Head. In!!  I once counted 17 "testings" on one tape.  Anyway..... as usual I is digressing!!  My apologies!!

I've been doing a bit o' testing of my own today - Of  the new camera of course.  I've used it mainly on manual setting but will check out the destructions very soon and see what it's capable of.   I took just some random photos so they're not particularly exciting I'm afraid.

Harvey the Hooligan pretending to look angelic and calm.    Pah!! is all I can say to that!!

Apple.   Hee hee not really - they're ripening holly berries on macro setting.  It was soooo windy today that the macro didn't work brilliantly as things kept dancing about.

Seed heads.

Ah it was glorious over the fields today.  Hot sunshine tempered by very strong breezes.  My perfect weather and just what was needed to blow the black dog away which has been crouching on my shoulders all week.

Pity I'd had my hair done just before we went walking - but hey, Ive heard that the birds nest look is in this season! Days like these always bring to mind one of my very favourite ever quotes.....

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

Khalil Gibran

So beautiful....

You won't believe this - but I had to take this picture of some acorns on the camera's sports setting because on the normal automatic setting they were a complete blur!!  So these are the fastest acorns in the west!!

Happy weekend all xxx



  1. I haven't heard anyone call the instructions "destructions" since my Dad passed away. Nice shots. I especially love the holly. Ours have done well this year so I will have some to cut for the neighbours.

  2. Lovely shots Kim. I'm in the same boat as you, trying out my new camera - I was about to suggest 'Sport' setting but you've already thought of that! As I'm pretty useless at photography I've just booked myself on a short digital images course, hopefully I'll see an improvement!

  3. Well, it seems to work OK. Your new dog is really beautiful, but I see a lot of hard work in that coat of his.

    Aren't digital cameras just FANTASTIC.

  4. You and the camera seem to have bonded already. The holly berries are so glossy and really do look like mini apples.


  5. Getting on really well with the new gadget! :)

  6. It looks like you are doing well with your new toy.

    Harvey is quite a handsome fella.

  7. What lovely clear pics, Kim. I've got in the habit of clicking away with the camera on my phone but must take some 'proper' pics again.

  8. Photos came out great and I hope more than anything you are having FUN with it!
    Love that quote-very beautiful!